Best eggless protein pancakes

Are you looking for a delicious, healthy, plant-based breakfast that will keep your stomach full for hours without tasting healthy?

You will be amazed at how much protein is in each pancake. They are only 250 calories.

A soft, classic pancake from a 1950s diner topped with thick maple syrup and butter will bring you back in time.

Breakfast is also super filling, providing energy and protein for the day.

Easy protein pancake recipes

You can create your flavors, but here are some of my favorites. It’s better than IHOP.

Add different flavors to each pancake to make sure everyone in the family can enjoy their favorite flavor.

Blueberry Protein Pancakes Mix a half-cup of berries with the dry ingredients. You can also press in a few blueberries (or raspberries, strawberries, or cherries) after you pour the batter into the pan.

Chocolate Protein Pancakes: Use any chocolate protein powder you like. Add a few mini chocolate chips to the batter. Top with Homemade Nutella.

Banana Protein Pancakes: Add a fourth teaspoon of cinnamon to the pancake batter. After cooking, top with chopped walnuts and sliced bananas.

Protein Peanut Butter Pancakes Stir in two tablespoons of almond or peanut butter to the pancake batter. Warm a small bowl of peanut butter and drizzle it over the pancakes.

Healthy vegan protein pancake ingredients

You will need the following ingredients to make this recipe: flour, oats, or a combination of both: baking powder and water, nut butter or coconut oil, optional protein powder, optional sweetener, and optional sweetener.

No eggs, flax eggs, pancake mix, or bananas are required.

Some suitable flours include spelled white all-purpose flour or oat for gluten-free protein pancakes. Some brands of gluten-free all-purpose flour might work.

Below is a recipe for low-carb protein pancakes made using almond flour.

Look for non-dairy milk with higher protein levels to increase your plant-based protein intake. Soymilk, for example, will add five additional grams of protein, bringing the total to 35 grams!

If you’re watching your calories, almond milk or plain water is a good choice.

Healthy breakfast recipes can be low in calories, low in fat, free of soy, dairy, gluten, eggs, and oil, and high in fiber.

If you like the famous Kodiak Power Cakes flapjacks and waffle mixes, you will probably love these pancakes.

What kind of protein powder can you use for the recipe

There are so many different protein powders available at the supermarket these days.

You’ll find pea, soy, brown rice, hemp, egg white, and casein protein powders in the health or vitamin section.

Please let us know the brand and flavor that you use. It can be beneficial for other readers.

I use unsweetened plain protein powder because some flavors have an artificial taste. Please feel free to share your favorite vanilla or spice protein powder.

How to make vegan protein pancakes

Mix all the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl. If desired, add blueberries, chocolate chips, or any other additions.

Mix the dry ingredients with the liquids to create a pancake batter rich in protein. You may need to add juice depending on the type and amount of protein powder you use.

Grease the nonstick pan with coconut oil or vegan butter. Turn the heat down to medium and place the skillet on the stove.

Add a small amount of water to the pan and see if it is hot enough. The pan will be ready for pancakes if the water sizzles.

Leave a small space between each pancake, as they will expand when they cook. Reduce the heat.

Flip each pancake using a spatula when the edges start to look dry. Cook for a minute or two more. After each batch of vegan protein-filled pancakes, move the pan to a plate and re-grease it.

How to make the best protein pancakes

By cooking smaller or silver dollar pancakes, they will cook more evenly and not burn or crisp on the edges but still be raw in the center. This recipe makes six to eight small pancakes.

To avoid uneven cooking, cook your pan or skillet on low heat rather than medium or high.

If you want fluffy pancakes, let the batter sit for about ten minutes, as it will thicken. Add more water if you wish to thinner crepes or pancakes.

Storing protein pancakes

Allow leftovers to cool on a platter before storing them in an airtight jar. Placing a piece of parchment or wax paper between each pancake will prevent them from sticking together when thawed.

Pancakes can be stored in the fridge for up to three days. You can freeze leftover pancakes for up to two months and then thaw them in the microwave or stovetop.

You can save time by making the vegan pancake batter at night and storing it in the refrigerator in a covered container.


Try these Keto Pancakes or 1/3 cup flour

13 cup (26g) protein powder

Baking powder: 1 1/2 tsp

Scratch 1/4 tsp of salt

You can use up to 3/4 cup of milk or water.

Use 2 tsp of oil or nut butter, or leave out if you want to make it fat-free

Sweetener or sugar of your choice or leave out for savory


This vegan protein pancake recipe can be made with spelled flour, white flour, gluten-free all-purpose, or oats. Please experiment with other flours and let us know the results. Mix dry ingredients and then add liquid to create a batter. Add more juice if necessary to achieve the right consistency. Let the batter rest for 10 minutes to get super fluffy pancakes. Well, grease a nonstick pan. Heat on medium. Once the pan has reached the desired temperature (test by adding water, and if the water sizzles, the pan is ready), add small spoons of batter. Turn the heat down. Smaller pancakes will cook more evenly. Flip the pancakes with a spatula when the edges start to look dry. Cook for an extra minute. After each batch of vegan protein-filled pancakes, re-grease your skillet.

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