Avocado toast? We aren’t over it. This breakfast classic is easy, quick, and delicious, but what if you added a slightly spicy sauteed mushroom? This is a must-try, my friends!

This mushroom avocado toast is great as a snack or for breakfast. It’s perfect with spinach or fried eggs. One pan is all that’s needed. Seven ingredients and Ten minutes are also required. We’ll show you exactly how to make it!

How to make mushroom avocado toast

It’s all about improving our plant points. B!?). We’re always looking for new ways to make avocado toast a tasty meal. Mushrooms solve both counts!

Inspired by the filling of our Savory Chickpea Pancakes With Leek And Mushrooms, we sauté shiitakes in vegan butter or oil, with thyme and garlic powder, and salt and pepper. Red pepper flakes are great for adding a little spice!

You can have breakfast in just 10 minutes by smashing the avocado and adding the mushrooms.



  • Two slices of bread ( wheat or whole grain seeded.
  • 1/2-3/4 medium ripe avocado (see notes for tips!)


  • Use 1-2 tablespoons of vegan butter (we prefer Miyoko’s, or substitute olive oil // dairy butter will also work if you are not dairy-free).
  • 7-8 oz. Sliced shiitake mushroom (see notes for substitutions // 8 oz. This yields approximately 3 cups of sliced mushrooms.
  • Use 1/2 tsp dried or fresh thyme.
  • Red pepper flakes, one pinch (optional for heat)
  • Use one pinch of each black pepper and sea salt
  • Garlic powder 1/4 tsp


  • In a large pan, heat 1 Tbsp vegan butter (14 g) or olive oil on medium-high. Add the red pepper flakes, thyme, and sliced mushrooms (optional). Cook, stirring frequently, until the mushrooms are softened and lightly brown — approximately 5-7 minutes. Reduce the heat if the mushrooms stick to the pan, or add some more butter or olive oil.
  • Toast bread in an oven or toaster.
  • After the mushrooms have been lightly browned, remove the pan from the heat. Add the garlic powder, salt and pepper. Add more black pepper or salt if you like.
  • Then, top with the mushroom mixture and vegan parmesan cheese (optional). Top with vegan Parmesan cheese and sauteed mushrooms mixture. Eat, repeat, enjoy!
  • Fresh is best. Not suitable for freezing

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